Extend Bluetooth

I’m not sure whether this should be posted here, or wether it is even appropriate, as it does not involve GP. However, I am a long time GP user, so I am hoping for some friendly advice. Here goes:)

I did live sound for an ANZAC (Australia New Zealand Army Core) ceremony in my home town yesterday. This is an annual event related to WW1. I used my iPad controlled Bluetooth sound system which worked fine, but the BT connection failed about half way through. I moved closer to the mixer and the connection re-established after a short time.

I have been searching for a wireless extender that will plugin into the iPad and increase the BT range. Hopefully, it will use the iPad power, or contain a rechargeable battery.

If there is someone that has done this successfully, then I would love to have a heads up on how to go about this. Cheers!