Expression pedal without specific device

The question in short:
How to set up an expression pedal without being restricted to specific device (in Midi in)?

The background:
I’m a keyboard player and in some songs I have set a small volume boost for the expression pedal. For this I’m using “Gain and balance controller” and a widget for it.

I have different setup at home than what I ave in our rehearsal place. So when I’m practicing songs at home, I don’t have the same keyboard I have when practicing with our band in rehearsal place.

As I told I have set up a widget controlling the volume. And I’ve set the widget to listen the expression pedal. At home I have to assign it to my keyboard at home. So when I’m at our rehearsal place, the setting doesn’t work, since there’s a different keyboard.

I’m sure there has to be way to set the widget to listen expression pedal without being restricted to certain device. But the question is: how?

Read up on the Rig Manager. Although it has many uses, it’s primarily designed precisely for this kind of thing.


That said, for your particular purpose, you could just use a MIDI In (OMNI) and block all MIDI messages except “expression”

Then rename it…


and save it as a favorite or as a preset…

…so that you can easily reuse it anywhere from either the plugin popup menu…

…or from the quick plugin insertion dialog


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@dhj Thank you so much for the tips and especially for the screenshots. Those helped a lot.

I tried the Rig Manager, but I couldn’t wrap my head around it. Even tried to read documentation about it, but still it feels a bit overwhelming. I should try to study them more.

I manage to add the expression pedal in Rig Manager. I have a question about this:
When I’m at my keyboard at our band’s rehersal place, should I add my gigging keyboard’s expression pedal there as well?

And again, thanks for those instructions of creating a Midi in component just for the expression pedal. I managed to create one with your instructions. And good tip about saving it as a favourite. But how should I use it? I can’t assign the “My Expression pedal” to the widget? What am I missing here?

Just learn your physical device in the rig manager when you use a different controller.
Or save as a separate rig and switch it when you use a different controller.

@pianopaul Thanks for clearing this. That video was super helpful. I have to admit that I wasn’t fully aware of the reason and benefits of the Rig Manager, but the video explained it well.

Big thanks for both of you. I think I got it from here and I can map the expression pedal without being restricted to specific controller/keyboard :+1:


I was under the impression that you wanted to pass your expression pedal directly to a synth. But if you want to use a widget, then the rig manager is the way to do it.

As for the rig manager, you would define your home keyboard controller in one rig and your rehearsal room keyboard controller in another rig.

Then you would define your expression pedal as a “control” and then just switch rigs as you go from home to rehearsal

Does this video help?

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@npudar Sorry for very late response. Yes that video was very helpful and informative - as was pianopauls video. I think I now understand the Rig manager feature and in my case it was the solution I needed. I have now setup a rig for my home equipment and other rig for my gigging/rehearsal equipment. So everything’s fine now. Thanks for the help guys :ok_hand:


Enjoy Gig Performer :beers: