Exponential Audio Excalibur $10

Testing it out now. Seems like a good Swiss army knife effect.

93% off, is this serious? :face_with_monocle:

I saw the dev post that there likely won’t be any more updates to it. I think it had a similar discount on plugin boutique earlier this year. But they were bought by Izotope and they seem to have huge sales on their plugins.

Plugin pricing is a race to the bottom

Thanks to GP community, I bought it in April at pluginboutique for the same price :smiley:
This is a good deal, it has a lot of possibilities, amazing and weird effects, although it is rather complex and hard to comprehend.

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now things get interesting again:
short bevore the Excalibur sale was the R4 Reverb on sale:
—> 29$ as un upgrade-sale from Excalibur" or “Phoenix Reverb”
( i ofcourse bought the Nimbus back then)

that 29$ “upgrade-sale” is now back again at Plugin boutique !
( exaclibur sale ends in 10:50 hrs/min from now)


edit: i was not able to buy excalibur !
that sale is NOT working for my country…strange

I used the address of a Starbucks in New York :innocent:


That’s hysterical!

That’s a smart move!!
I’m gonna borrow that one… :sunglasses:

That’s quite fun to play with this stupid system! :nerd_face:

This is how they suck you in :slight_smile: Now I get a ‘crossgrade’ offer to get 3 Exponential Audio reverbs for $69.
Do I need 3 reverb plugins? No…but they do sound great. I quite like their preset categorisation and large numbers of presets - it makes it easy to click through with the keyboard to find something I like.

Where did you get this?



…i missed the deal.

The R4 would have been interesting since you can “trim” how the Tail of the reverb is decaying. Or something along that lines.

But i can do this in GP3 somehow with any reverb by using a gate or my goto compressor “zip”* in expander mode. ( * from unfiltered audio)
just that it convolutes my patches even more, and my macmini is old

hmm, 69$…? i probably stick to use what i allready have :wink:

I’m seriously considering R4. For guitar it’s amazing. Both the ducking (tail suppression) and gating makes it really useful and flexible to me. And everything just sounds great.

ok,ok, …i live now at the same adress as that cafe in new york that i found by i-net surch, haha.
since i could again NOT make the deal with my original adress.

It will soon be the new centre for musical excellence (and they won’t even know it)!

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