Example One Shot Timer

Ever wanted to automate a widget? Here’s a scriptlet that makes it easy to do this with very little effort on your part. Attached is a gig containing the scriptlet demonstrating its use. Once you’ve tried it, right-click on the One Shot Timer and save it as a GP Preset and then you can use it as often as you want in your own rackspaces.

The scriptlet has a timer that you can trigger via a parameter called, Trigger
When you trigger the scriptlet, the parameter called CurrentValue will go from 0.0 to 1.0 and the time it takes to do that is defined by another parameter simply called Time
You can see these parameters in the plugin editor for the scriptlet.
If you map a widget to the CurrentValue parameter, the widget will move as the parameter changes.

But, you ask, you can only map one parameter to a widget so how do you control some plugin parameter, such as the gain control shown in this example?

Well, simply group the widget mapped to the CurrentValue parameter with another widget mapped to whatever plugin parameter you want to control. You can of course adjust the scaling curve to control how the parameter should actually change over the time period.


OneShotTrigger Example.gig (74.9 KB)


A good opportunity to mention the great templates and examples in the Gig and Rackspace category of the forum!


I’ve downloaded this gig file and it’s awesome. BTW, will it be possible to set a specific value to the assigned widget for the slider? I mean the slider for this scriplet is always at the maximum level. I want to make different widget value in every variation. Will it be possible? Thanks in advance

Which slider is at maximum?

If you map your widget to the Time parameter and set the widget to a different value in different variations, that should work.

The slider which is grouped with the knob named widget control. I want to map it with the gain control and set a different value in every variation within the rackspace leaving the auto move button turned on. Meaning if I switch to a certain variation, it will move seamlessly and stopped in a certain value which I have set.