Eventide Generate by Newfangled Audio

Eventide Generate by Newfangled Audio

Has anyone tested this plugin ?

It seems to be an interesting synth with great texturing capability, but what about the cpu charge?
It is said in the faq: “Generate’s chaotic generator and analog models are of the highest quality, and as such they do use more CPU power than many plug-ins”

I believe that it is nor for me and my i5 with 8Go ram :unamused:

MPE support but no MIDI learn function.
Hoping that host automation is properly implemented.

I am really interested in this synth but I have the feeling that some things are missing to this plugin.

Here about Pendulate… free monophonic “little-brother”.
This one is already high CPU demanding…

@keyman thank you, I have already received same feedback from Pendulate users (in Audiofanzine forum), it confirms what I think about Generate which is polyphonic.
One of these days, I might consider changing my computer…

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