ETI Roads MK II, excellent free Rhodes MK II for Kontakt users

Just recently stumbled upon something nice for Kontakt (full version) users: a free 9.9 GB sampled Rhodes MK II. And after playing with it for a while, I must say its one of the best rhodes libraries I’ve played (and I’ve tried quite many of them). Especially when great MK II samples are a bit harder to find than the classic Mark I Stage and Suitcase samples. UVI and Acoustic Samples come to mind, but Keyscape for example left out MK II completely.

Pretty simple and straightforward package of samples, simple GUI for controlling effects (built-in Kontakt Reverb, Amp+Cabinet, “Vibrato” which is actually tremolo).

From their website:
The ETI ROADS was created as part of a bachelor thesis at the Erich-Thienhaus Institute in Detmold, Germany. The Rhodes MKII that is available there for music productions was initially prepared and tuned for the recording of the samples. After a week and around 50 hours of recorded audio, the instrument was now immortalized with greatest possible detail. After processing and denoising, the thousands of samples were embedded in KONTAKT, a GUI was created, and the additional functions were implemented through scripting.

Just go and grab it!


Thanks for this library.
I’m going to try it

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