Ethernet and wireless together?

I have my iPad connected to my PC via an Ethernet cable so that I can change Gig Performer programs. However, that means that I cannot project lyrics onto a TV screen from OnSong to Apple TV because it requires a wireless connection. Is there a way to accomplish both tasks together?

According to the article below, no. That’s not possible.

Maybe you could accomplish this by using a small switch and an access point. You connect iPad, computer and the access point to this switch (wired of course). You configure the access point in bridge mode, and have it connecting to the existing WiFi network.

Downside of this that it can prove to be a rather fragile configuration.

Depending on your iPad version, you can also use an USB-C multi-function Hub and HDMI cable rather than an Apple TV which will probably reduce a bit the latency to the display. I use this one with my iPad Pro:

It can power the iPad and offer Ethernet and HDMI out at the same time. What is you iPad version?

I am already using one of those to connect the iPad to the PC. I had found in the past that other wireless networks were interfering with my network and causing glitches, so then decided to go with a hard wired connection. I have an iPad Pro with latest updates.

Would that allow me to run an hdmi cable to the Apple TV and cast lyrics on screen as well as have the Ethernet connection still changing programs on the PC?

You will be able to replace the Apple TV box by an HDMI cable connected to your TV/monitor and you will keep the Ethernet network connection to you PC.The screen of your iPad will be replicated on the TV/monitor.

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Sounds like a good idea. I’ll give it a try. Many thanks.

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’Twas a good idea indeed. Thank you David-San for such a simple and easily solved solution. Cheers.

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