Error opening Gig file - Unexpected program close

Hi all, yesterday i had this problem with a Gig I was working on: Started GP, the gig is loading… before finishing gig performer closed without any error message.

It was a Gig issue because:

  • Starting pressing Shift key and preventing gig loading let me start the app
  • Loading the Gig caused the app closing without any error message.

I solved opening the gig file in VSCode and manually editing it deleting the rackspace code that, I assumed, would cause the crash (the last rackspace name displayed in loader before closing)

Is there a log file that could let me understand the loading error in a safer way?

Now loading was successful?

Can you show us the code you deleted?

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Did you use a special Plugin exclusively in that deleted rackspace?
Are you using OSC?

The only time this has happened to me, it was a plugin causing it.