Error message on pc after closing gp and trying to shutdown


I have been having this errors message come up ever since ive had gig performer all builds from 2 to 3. It comes up maybe 50% of the time when shutting down my pc after using gp. Any ideas??


I get this popup too sometimes. I have not found a pattern yet as to what might be causing it.


Seems like it might be related to how quickly I close my GP session after I finish playing a VI. If I wait about 5-10 seconds rather than closing immediately after audio playback stops, then I don’t thhink I get the popup


It also happens to me if, after leaving GP, I try to immediately run the PC Shutdown.
If instead I wait about ten seconds, the problem does not occur.


Right - the VSTs may be shutting down in the background. This depends on which VSTs are used.

Whenever reporting a problem - please try to find the SIMPLEST case that can reproduce the problem.

Does this happen if you select “New gig” before you exit GP. Saying “New gig” will remove old plugins and offer an empty GP window. Try to quit and the shut down - it the problem there?


I’ll test this scenario the next few times I use GP