Erm Midiclock

Hi All
Thanks in advance for any help, greatly appreciated.

I’m having a mare trying to get GP to see erm Midiclock. I am running a few things and don’t want to use Ableton link as it just wasn’t working out. (Btw Ableton sees the erm Mdiclock perfectly, so isn’t hooked up wrong I don’t think).

Im using iConnectivity Mioxl but its all routed ok and transferring the midi fine and checks out on other apps and Midiview etc. GP is a bit of a mystery.

Thanks again

In rig manager you have to enable midi clock to be received.

Thanks PianoPaul
Im pretty sure I wasn’t able to see that … I didn’t have the options that I was supposed to see that were mentioned on the tutorials… not sure why but Im sure its my doing… Had a few drinks just now so will look at this tomorrow and hopefully get it right

thanks v much

Ah got it!

Big thanks PianoMan

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I have the mioxl also.
But at this time I do not need it.
That is an amazing gear.

me also to a degree… Im getting good use out it … but only using a fraction of it - my thoughts were of future proofing - maybe im wrong but in the past ive been burnt and ended up buying 2x