Equivalent of 'EXIT' ie hard end in subs?

Yes, I did run search a couple of times ;-)…is there such a thing?

Don’t assume we’re all from a coding background @Aurasphere and know what the title is referring to.

I def don’t…ultimately I just like playing music :slight_smile: but code is needed to get by for some things
Im assuming those that dont know either wont bother reading it or will and learn something; well thats what I would do…always up for learning something new; the brain has room for at least 6 million years worth of memory hehe ( - Carolyn Leaf)

Whats your advice on how it would be best worded?

(Im a hack btw)

I’m sure I’m more of a hack ;).

Are you talking about the ability to ‘break’ from a function/switch/case/loop etc?

Over my dead body — there will never be an exit statement!


you said it was the nature of programming to be able to break things :wink:


Gig Performer is a plugin host for live performing musicians.

It is not a programming environment, it is not a systems programming language.

GP Script is a small part of Gig Performer, something that 99% of users don’t even need to know exists.
It is intended to be a simple language for simple tasks…it is not MaxMSP, Nyquist, SuperCollider, ChucK, FAUST, C++, Kyma or Python and it’s not going to be, certainly not in the foreseeable future.

Asking why such and such is or is not in GP Script is like asking why didn’t C have objects or why weren’t lambdas implemented in C++ for more than forty two years after the first version of that language was designed (C with Classes was created in 1979)

For what you’re trying to do, I think you would be better served implementing an extension using the the SDK and then you can use your favorite programming language (anything that supports C header definitions) and hack away as much as you want without ever having to look at GP Script again.


I like GPScript and its a quick fix for most of the stuff Im doing…just tripping over on bits because sometimes it seems eg an object with stemming and then sometimes its not. So Im very happy to script. I dont even do c++…mainly scripting but I appreciate being able to use it
Its a great feature and once I have a week up my sleeve with a little bit of help…Im sure it will be great.

Would have loved PD but GPScript will do the job…
Its great work David and team…please dont take my posts to be anything less than complementive