Enough power on this older Macbook Pro for Gig Performer?

I’ve been running Gig Performer on an older (late 2014) custom built rackmount PC with a 4th gen Core-I5 running at 3.5 GHZ and 24GB RAM with very good performance for my needs. I recently picked up a used Macbook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, early 2013) with a 3rd gen Core I7-3740QM running 2.7GHZ and 16GB RAM. It is in very clean condition.

I did not buy this with GigPerformer as a planned usage, howere, Is this enough horsepower on a Mac to give me a similar experience to my old rack mount PC?


I was using that model until 3 years ago and it was working (Macbook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, early 2013)
Sure some plugins I resampled and played the samples in Kontakt.
But most was working fine.

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Which particular plugins did you resample? I’m just curious what was chewing CPU and requiring the need to resample?


Some Huge String Libraries in Kontakt itself.
I resamples with BLISS.

At the same time I was using OMNISPHERE, KEYSCAPE and I think it was MASSIVE from Native Instruments.

And with patch persist to the next rackspace it was to heavy on CPU load.

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Thank you for the clarifications. I’ve never used (or even heard of) BLISS, but now I’m intrigued. I’m just trying to determine if I should justify an additional MAC license for GP (and I think the answer is yes).


It something like Sample Robot, but a bit cheaper if I remember well…

It can resample a plugin and export as soundfont format,
In Kontakt 5.5 (not the newest Kontakt!) you can import them (all loop points etc are fine)
and then save as an Kontakt Instrument.

This is the other one, that I have on my list of whished plugins: