Embodme - ERAE Touch (best friend = GP

New ERAE Touch controller, using it now for two weeks… its a joy along side Gig Performer !

For more info/oficial site


That looks VERY cool!

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Unfortunately, not the cheapest controller. :grimacing:

well… I supported their Kickstarter campaign, it was a good offer back then :wink:

Todays value, for what it offers and looking at Linnnstrument or Joué… might not be that bad.
For e-drummers with laptops (and GigPerformer :wink: exploring what is the “bleeding edge”.

That something I should have done for the Expressive E Osmose :nerd_face:

I am wondering if the feeling could be close to the Keith McMillen BopPad?

ohh but you have to have nerves of steel and endless patience.

About BopPad >ERAE Touch, no way I can compare that (don’t recall knowing anyone around me with one… eventually someone will put them side by side.

In this case, taking the current context into consideration, yes, definitely!

Well, it is not the same device at all, I was just trying to figure out if the sensitivity could be close…

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Im sure it comes close, and I dare to say, ERAE Touch is Very sensitive.

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