Embed PC in songs from All Songs view?

I’m wondering if there’s a way to embed the PC/bank information of a song in the All Songs list so that when that song is added to a new setlist, it retains that information (much in the way that it retains the tempo information).

I can set the PC/bank info in All Songs view here…


But when I add those songs to a setlist, I lose all that information…


My setup is such that the PC/bank and tempo info is hard-coded in midi messages that GP receives from my looping sequencer. As such I don’t want the info that I input in All Songs view to change when I make setlists. The overridden tempo info comes along for the ride for each song into the setlists, but the PC/bank info doesn’t.

If there’s a way to make it happen, I’d like to know.
If there’s not a way to make this happen, then this post is a feature request. Something like an ‘Override in all setlists’ checkbox in the current Assign program change number for this part section.

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That’s a good idea…will put it on our tracking system for a future update


Just to understand your user case a bit better …

If you always use the same bank/PC number combination for a single song you must be organizing your setlist elsewhere (outside GP) or you always could use all the songs that you have configured.

In that case - what is the benefit of having a setlist in GP? In other words - why not always use “All Songs” if your setlist is defined elsewhere?

The looping sequencing app I use has no setlist feature, so I was hoping to use GP to quickly assemble various lists and get to use the features of it like ‘Next Song’ etc. I can, of course, use the All Songs master list, but shuffling through a list of 125+ songs (and growing) obviously isn’t the most efficient method of trying to assemble setlists. It ends up being pen and paper, honestly.

In short, just trying to take advantage of the features GP has to offer. I thought it was important to point out that the setlist feature in GP is only useful to those whose PC/bank information for the songs and parts are not being hard-code sent from another app.