Elysion 2 (a new version of the Elysion plugin)

Interesting new plugin demoed by @jazzundso (perhaps you could tell us what you think about the plugin)



Not to be confused with Wide Blue Sound’s Elysium instrument (also for Kontakt) - which I bought and have not yet found a use for. :frowning:

This one sounds really nice if you are writing a Marvel soundtrack but it’s not cheap (US$249).

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Indeed :smiley: Yes, the presets are really fun to play and the instrument is quite flexible. I like the concept with the five instrument slots: You can just use the patches exactly as they are but you can also tweak them. Version 2 is more aggressive than the first version but you can get really nice pads and lead sounds out of it too if you mute certain slots or filter them.

So really great for film scoring or for trailer or hybrid/electronic/ambient music. Not sure if I would use it live with a band - maybe for some intros… or for sci-fi theatre music :slight_smile: