Elka-X - Cherry Audio

Well I got it right, I’m sure as many others did ,-)

Let’s go…Volume to 11… or X


Have you bought it and tried it yet?
I just read a review of it and they were loving the sound… tempting… again. :grimacing:

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I messed around with the Superwave plug-ins recently, for some straight forward two-oscillator analog-like pads, and super saw tooth sounds LFO PWM mod sounds. Without all the overhead of let’s say, Omnisphere.

So this one looks clear, slick and stright-forward, too. Will try.

yep, yep…playing since I made the post.
Big sounding, a preset with 16 voices uh, la, la, - overall very “detailed”

  • sequencer is fun to have and play with.

Whoa, instant love!
Nicely crafted presets. Good starting points for own tweaks.
Check out the dual mode, lots of fun!

One thing to do IMHO: Turn off the limiter which is preset active on all patches.


And I love the manual:

"It (Elka Synthex) was used extensively by … French synthesizer legend, Jean-Michel Jarre, who used it as the primary sound source for his famed “laser harp,” which looks even less cool to play than a keytar. " :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Purchased and installed. Both tasks quick and painless. Wasn’t charged VAT! Here goes my morning…and late afternoon (after the 12h00 (in France) Aussie Rugby League match).

One thing I like already is that the standalone version figured out my display settings (200% on a 4K display) and opened as large as possible. Lovely GUI. And it’s nice that it’s a 61-key synth, so I don’t have to do any mapping on my NI S61.

Here’s the 23 minute Part 1 intro video. Parts 2 and 3 coming.


Really liked what I heard, so…just ordered and will be downloading shortly. :slight_smile:

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Here’s a really interesting 30 minute interview with Dan Goldstein, head of Cherry Audio, where he discusses the development of the Elka-X virtual instrument and other interesting tidbits from his extensive hardware synth collection. Well worth a listen.


I also bought it yesterday and played a bit… this plugin really sounds very good! And i am pleasently surprised by the variety of different sounds it offers. I have to find some more time to play through all of the presets… :sunglasses:


I went through the presets and randomly tweaked some just for fún…I echo év’rything you’ve said. :+1:

I will add that even on my 2011 MBP I was able to play sounds where GP4’s CPU usage indicated as high as 80%! All other plugins begin to snap, crackle, and pop nastily at 45%. So, Elka-X’s code appears to be quite solid. :+1: :+1:

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I just bought it and it is awesome. I added two presets in my current GigFile, because they convinced me. I hope it works in our next band rehearsal, that is the real test.


A real test. Let us know how it worked out.

I also enjoyed the conversation about the Jupiter-4 in the video I posted. I like the Elka-X enough that I will probably pick up their Mercury-4 VI of the Jupiter-4.

Do they update their synth collection regularly?

I was thinking of that for black friday 2022 as I need one of their synths.

I agree, this synth does sound awesome, but has anyone else had issues with the cpu load? It is very high, pinging up to 75% whereas most of my other plugins are much lower. I did get some cracking and popping. Not sure if this one is good for my setup.

You are right, the cpu load is high, in my rackspace with Hammond B-3X between 32% and 48%. But I have no cracking and popping (MacBook Pro M1 Max, 64 GB).

Which setting are you using for oversampling?
Quality button (Q) left of help (?).

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Oh, I didn’t knew this button, I have used “1” normal, with “4” highest I have 62% to 75% and cracking.