Eddie Nuenning

Eddie Nuenning makes great videos on his YouTube channel - MIDI Guitarist.

Equipment used:

MIDI Guitar - Frameworks Modern Classic by Frank Krocker
MIDI Interface: Roland GI 20
Virtual Piano: Pianoteq 8, Grotrian Prelude
Live plugin host: Gig Performer 4
Screen Recording & Video Editing: Screenflow 10
Notation Software: Dorico 4

After 30 years of experience with MIDI guitars and guitar synths Eddie is finally trying to play original keyboard parts in an authentic way on a Frameworks guitar plugged into a Roland GI 20 MIDI interface.
These live sounds were programmed inside of Gig Performer 4 where he tried to recreate the original recording and mixing chains with lots of plugins to emulate channel strips, tape machines, reverbs, delays etc with Pianoteq 8 as a basis.