EastWest Opus is stopping GP while loading VSTs at startup

Hi! I am experiencing an issue when GP is loading the VSTs at startup on a MacBook Pro. It just stops with showing the EastWest-Opus-Plugin. I am using EastWests Symphonic Orchestra.

And: as long as I am at home connected to my WiFi, everything loads fine at the startup of GP. As soon as I go to our rehearsal room (no Wi-Fi), this happens. If I give a Hot spot to the MacBook from my Phone, it continues loading and all is good.

So far I tried to redo the problem at home: I switched off my Wi-Fi on the MB, restarted GP - all good….I’m confused now ne don’t know how to fix this. What is GP checking on the VSTs during startup?

I also looked for an auto update option in Opus to try to switch it off, but I didn’t find anything.

Does anybody have similar issues? I have to fix this before my next gig, otherwise I can’t use EastWest, and that doesn’t make sense for me.

Looking forward to your support.

That’s an east-west issue — presumably they’re wanting to connect to their servers and if they’re doing an infinite timeout, you’re stuck. That said, what happens if you actually turn off your wifi on your Mac when there’s no connection available. One would hope in that case that the East-West developers would have been smart enough to determine there’s no internet connection and just continue.

If that works, you’re good to go but with a possible caveat (depending on East West). I don’t know anything about their licensing system but if they require your Mac to connect to their servers from time to time, make sure you do or you may find your east-west stuff just stops working at some point.


I own two other Opus based EastWest plugin and never had such an issue. Their licensing systme is iLok based, please make sure you don’t use the iLok cloud licensing option but only the computer based license (use you iLok License Manager to check it).


They may have started using iLok Cloud

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I talked to the EastWest-support and sent some logfiles. After I updated everything to the newest versions it looks like the issue is gone.
Thanks everybody for your support.

That’s great. Did they say what was happening?

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That was the answer:
“It looks like there was an issue with the previous version of Opus not updating the licensing .key files but version 1.3.4 updated those/installed those for you so perhaps that’s just what needed to be done to be able to run it offline?”