EA questions


since there is no global scripting, i want to create an empty rackspace (which will be the first rackspace in my giggles) with a script that opens MIDI Guitar 2, so that in the frequent event that i forget to open it myself i don’t spend many minutes wondering why my synth patches aren’t working.

i’ve looked at the topic “Script to open pdf file” but i am too inexperienced to understand what is going on.

i am not sure where to start, but i gather that i need to somehow use EA_SetProgramName and EA_Start, but my attempts to use them have failed.

help, please? thank you…



I put external applications in my Login Items in System Preferences. That’s how I start my EigenD and a few other things that I need.


and i thought i was being so clever


Well, at least someone did :slight_smile:

Seriously though – I have the AudioMIDI Setup, EigenD and TotalMix (my RME firmware mixer) in Login Items so they always get started.


i can definitely do that on my live performance laptop, but there are times (during mixing projects) when i don’t want MG2 open unless i’m using GP. not a huge hassle, but if i wanted to have such a rackspace how would i do it? (david, i’m not asking you, i know you’re not available to help with everyone’s scripts…)