Drum sequencer to drive VPROM

I own WA Revolution and wish to trigger a MIDI drum loop that uses both Linn percussion and Linn drum sounds. However, it looks like you can’t combine some combinations of percussion and drum sounds with that plugin. It kinda forces you to use the drum kit or the percussion kit.
So now I’m thinking of using VPROM by AlyJamesLab, but that doesn’t have an onboard sequencer. I could of course import some MIDI from a DAW, but I’d rather be able to edit my loops from within GP.
So… my question is - is there a simple drum sequencer-style plugin that has similar functionality to Revolution, and only outputs MIDI (don’t need any drum sounds).

Maybe that?

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Silly question maybe, but if WA Revolution is a plugin, why can’t you just use two of them?


That Stochas plugin looks interesting, and I suppose could be used to drive two instances of the WA Revolution plugin (Kontakt-based). Thank you.

Update: Just tried Stochas and it crashed GP. Might revert to dhj’s suggestion next.

Do you have a crash report?

Hi dhj, I don’t know how to do that but will look it up.