Drum Pad Triggering, a la Ableton Drum Rack

I love the audio player in Gig Performer. It’s a great solution for playing back stems for a full on backing track. Where I feel it could be a bit better is in the triggering of single one shot samples in combination with loops.

I’m thinking about the way a percussion multipad works, like the Alesis Strike Multipad or the Roland SPD-S. It would be great if there was a plugin for a matrix of sample pads, say 3 x 3, with each one holding a one shot or a loop, each of which could be triggered with a specific widget or midi message.

Many drummers will trigger a short repeating loop, and then have other one shot percussion samples that can be triggered over the top while the first continues to play. As far as I can tell, you can only choose between multi and single mode in the audio player, but not a combination of both. I’ve been thinking about how to re-create this with a script, but it’s probably beyond my comprehension level.

Use as many audio players as you need, if it helps you achieve what you want to do.

Having Ableton run alongside GP also works really well, particularly if everything you’re triggering needs to be quantized.

What about the TX16W? I use this player for instance with ‘I can’t dance’, where I have the entire synth-percussion intro split into 4beat parts, and put those into the sampler triggered by the following pads on my controller.
It’s just that the TX16W is way more functional and flexible than just what I’m doing with it; if I understand correctly, isn’t that just what your wanted to achieve? Trigger samples one after another?

Is this a plug-in?

I agree that Ableton is still king, but I’m always trying to condense and see if I can achieve what I want with just one program. More programs open = more things to go wrong on stage.

Right now I’m building a redundant setup using two instances of GigPerformer. As much as I love Ableton, I’m finding gig performer is even more intuitive for setting up performances, and it feels a lot quicker to adjust on the fly. I just wish there was a DrumRack like sampler inside of GP.

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Yup, I got it setup as a vst. Quit simple just as any other synth/vst is connected.
See: https://www.tx16wx.com

There are probably other programs who do the exact same thing.

Could you please post a gig file with a sample/template rackspace which could also be made available to other users via the « Gig and rackspace files » section of our community forum?

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I’m afraid, i didn’t see an option to post my example rackspace in that area @David-san, and it’s probably not worth it if I see all the shiny examples of @npudar. Besides, the + New Topic button was greyed out, so I guess I don’t have the rights to do so.

Anyway, although it took some more time than expected 'cause I was busy replacing old midi controllers to some more sturdy ones.

Then I had to remap the samples which were sequentially mapped to the pads from my old Launchkey to the pads of my A800 pro. Apparently, although the A800 pads seem numerical, they keys the follow are not sequential.
Anyway: see attached gig file!

Sample player example.gig (18.6 KB)

It’s really basic example, but there are a few catches:
To use samples from the keyboard area, the incoming midi channel should be #10.
If it seems that you put samples on C1 (confirmed by the midi monitor) it could be that the Tx16W receives it on C2.
There seems unfortunately to be no midi-automation… I hoped I could map the pads to buttons widgets, and link those to the respected keys, but in the midi learn section of the widgets I see only ‘parameters 1’ etc.

Hope this helps!

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Sounds like you’re looking at the Parameter Learn section, not the Widget MIDI Learn section

Hey @Dick
Those are not my examples (although I posted a couple of gig files, too), but the creativity of our brilliant Community members :slight_smile:

Gig files there are supposed to be a paragon of a good gig file design/functionality. I’ve just checked your gig file - the Panels view is completely empty, for example. I also see errors when I open a gig file (I don’t have those WAV files).