Dropbox or Google Drive Sync

I am curious if anyone has any experience using GigPerformer Folder onto a Dropbox or Google Drive folder so that they can sync changes across primary and backup computers to keep all performance files in sync.

If so, does anyone have any recommendations on what to do and what not to do when using shared folder across multiple computers.

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I’ve started doing this with Syncthing, because I will start gigging with a Mac Mini in a rack, but will work on patches on a laptop.

I don’t want to mess with my gig files unintentionally though, so I’m only directly syncing my sample folder, while everything else I sync to separate folders on each platform, so I will have to explicitly copy from the laptop’s sync target folder on the Mini and vice versa. I think this will work fine but I’ve only just started so we’ll see

At the moment I do it with the iCloud and it works very well. Sometimes I need to rename the file, but it’s ok because it’s also a backup for me :slight_smile:

I named the mini and the MacBook the same name and so everything with all folders works good.

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Thank you.

Thank you. I don’t currently use iCloud backup for my Documents folders because my documents on one computer is so large that I don’t want it to sync with my laptops. I guess there is a way to do that as well. So what I did is setup a folder on Dropbox called Music Performance and created a subfolder called Gig Performer. I then went to the GigPerformer settings and modified Locations to point to folders in this Dropbox location. I have synced two computers using this approach and will see what happens. I can see how prior gig files from one computer are referencing plugins that are not on the other. I also see where I mapped some Audio Files from another Documents locations. This will help me synchronize and move all shared files to a shared location. I keep an SSD that has all of my plugin samples and I replicate that location using GoodSync manually between multiple environments. This shared set of files >1TB does not sit in any cloud provider at the moment!

I will see if I can get this to work properly. I am not currently in any band but preparing to be available using two separate laptops one primary and one backup. Let’s see what happens!


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I use dropbox regularly, it has saved my bacon already. I also use GIT to keep a change history.

see If you have ever wondered, do I need a backup?

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