Drop of output level/volume

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I am using a Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 3rd gen as an audio interface. As soon as I am connecting it not directly but via a passive Palmer DI box, the output level/volume drops significantly. Any ideas why this happens?

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What model from Palmer do you use? Passive DIs typically have a more or less noticable (and specified) level drop! Are you using TRS or TS cables?

I’m also using a Scarlett 8i6 3rd gen, but did not notice (or get noticed by the FOH) that I don’t provide a usable signal…

The output of the Scarlett is balanced and I use a TS cable to connect the Palmer PAN 04.

Have you accidentally pressed the -30db switch?

No, checked that. If I press the switch, the volume drops even further.
I wondering if something does not work correctly when using a TS cable with the balanced outputs of the Focusrite.

If you use output 1/2: on what position is the big ‘Monitor’ control on the front panel? I’m typically at 3pm…

I am using the outputs 3/4 and control the master volume via Gig Performer.

Hm, never tried a DI on output 3/4. You could try to route your outputs in Focusrite Control to output 1/2 and check if there’s a difference (and therfore rout what ever you have on 1/2 to 3/4…)
What drop are we talking about? 1-2dB, 6dB, less/more?
And finally, what’s the ‘real’ problem? Do you get a level mismatch, noise etc.?

From a specification side this should work (and does on my side)

And: what do you connect the PAN-04 outputs to (or the 8i6 in case of direct connection)

Di boxes, especially passive ones, are meant to decrease the output level. Originally the use case was connecting line-level outputs (0.775 V) to microphone inputs of mixers (typically 20-50 millivolt).

We use ‘transformer’ type di-s, but they also decrease the level.

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