Does MIDI over USB include MIDI Thru?

I understand the difference of MIDI Out and MIDI Thru when using MIDI over DIN.

What I wonder is;

Does MIDI over USB forward what comes in thru the MIDI In port of a device?

To be more specific:

I own an Arturia Keylab MkII 88 connected to my laptop and GP via a USB cable.

I also own a Nord Electro 2, which I plan to use as a second keyboard.

If I connect the Nord MIDI Out DIN to the Arturia Midi In DIN, of course using a different MIDI channel for the Nord, will the signals from the Nord be forwarded to my laptop / GP?
Or; Will I have to use a MIDI to USB, or a connection via a MIDI Hub to get the signal from the Nord to the laptop / GP?

Unlikely. It would be up to the Nord to explicitly do that.
If you have two usb controllers than you should just plug both of them into a hub

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@Musichandyman_Oscar You have to enable USB to and/or MIDI to USB in the KeyLabMkII Settings - have a look into the manual:

Section Global settings chart



PS: I’ve not checked if this mixes up incoming/outgoing MIDI data as there are only the MIDI and DAW ports of the KeyLab MkII. But I think you can untangle them with a dedicated MIDI Channel setting?!

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Thx a lot!

Had downloaded and looked a little into that manual, but didn’t think of looking under settings that could be changed. I somehow have been hung up on the idea that this was not something device related that could be controlled, but rather something in the standard USB MIDI specification. Therefore I have been googling and looking a YouTube videos to find something about it.

I think the settings you pointed out will solve my problem :slight_smile:

It worked :+1:

It didn’t initially, but then I found that my Nord was set up for MIDI channel 16 after a software restore. As soon as I changed it to channel 1 everything was ok :slight_smile:


It works with the settings mentioned by tripleB. In fact they are the default settings of the Arturia.

You misunderstood what was the first keyboard in the chain. The Nord was first, connected to the MIDI In of the Arturia. Also this is a Nord Electro 2, so the USB port on it is not USB MIDI. It’s just a port for updating of firmware etc… So it can not be connected to an USB hub.