Does anyone have the 'midiChordAnalyzer' VST from Insert Piz? Or something like it?

I’ve been trying to get my hands on this VST:

But the host has been down for several years.

It reads midi input from a controller or a send from within the DAW and reports the chords being played. I haven’t been able to find another free VST like it. If anyone has an alternate download or knows of similar plugins I would greatly appreciate it! :smiley:

Try this, maybe it has similar features?

I have developed a pretty advanced chord detection two years ago that also detects most jazz tensions, slash chords, altered chords and so on. Currently running as a web app… maybe I should pack that into a MIDI VST.

What is your exact use case for the plugin? I don’t think you wanna use this during a gig…


Yep I do have a 32 and 64 bit version of these hidden in the bowels of my computer.

I’m not sure how I can get it to you - so an somebody tell me please how to add a .ZIP file to the forum


Or better still and easier - try here:-

However, I would still like to know how to add a zip file to the forum for my own edification…


Mostly I want to use it to understand the chords I’m playing when I’m improvising. Sometimes I come up with a progression I really like, but I don’t know the names of the chords I improvised or the theory behind why they work well together. Looking them up by hand is tedious.

The VST on that site is ‘midiChords’, I think it may be overkill for what I need. They seem to have every one of Insert Piz’s VSTs except ‘midiChordAnalyzer’. :stuck_out_tongue:

On Windows, if you want to create a zip archive copy all the files/folders you want to package into a new folder. Then, right click on the new folder and select ‘send to’ then ‘zipped file’.
This video tutorial sums it up concisely:

The thing is upload a zip file to this forum but:
authorized extensions: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, mp4

@bjgee if you zip and create a link to dropbox, thats a way :wink:


Sorry - if I had a brain I would be dangerous. I briefly looked at the VST page and assumed it was the same thing (more haste - less speed!).

So here is the MidiAnalyzer version from around 2012 I think (Win 32 and 64 bit):-

Also know I know what you are trying to do - here are another couple of suggestions (not VST - but that may not be problem as the standalone ones will load in parallel):-

Midiculous free version. I had the paid for version and it did display the chords you are playing. The author (Gospel Musicians) then changed it to a free version and I THINK the free version displays chords too. (But beware - this guy sells stuff and nothing is ever really for free - so there may be a catch with the free version):-


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I’d like to just update this post with some new information. A few months ago I found a new chord displaying APP/program called Chordie which runs on Mac and Windows and I think its really good.

It displays chords as you play as required - but also displays a list of alternative chords which is helpful. In addition you can set the key that it is working in. The benefit to me is that it is NOT a VST. So as long as your system will allow multiple programs to access your midi interface (I use Windows and a Motif XS and apparently the Yamaha software does allow this) then it means you can run it in paralell with Gig Performer and it means that you can make Chordie’s window stay on top of GP or you can arrange the individual windows however you like. It is not free - but I feel its well worth the money.

Here is a link to the site: