Does a plugin cause latency when bypassed?

I have a plugin which adds a little bit of latency - just wondering if it adds that latency when bypassed?

To be honest, I can’t notice the additional latency when it is active, but was more out of interest!

The short answer is yes—but how much latency depends on the plugin itself. With many, it’s virtually non-existent but when the plugin itself has some built-in latency for processing—say, for pitch modification—then its more noticeable.

You can try a simple experiment like this to hear the degree of latency.

A plugin is not supposed to induce latency to other plugins if they are not on the same audio « chain ».
Moreover, there are plugins not inducing any latency when active, so I suppose that if you bypass a plugin, It cannot generate more latency than an active plugin which doesn’t induce latency.
My conclusion would be that a bypassed plugin doesn’t induce latency.

I’ve learnt that you have to be careful when using plugins in parallel, like in @edm11 ’s screenshot.

If the Harmony plugin has latency, GP will compensate and ensure the combined signal when mixed is in sync.

BUT, if you bypass the Harmony plugin, GP will still be applying the compensation and you will get phasing issues. So in this situation, if you don’t want the Harmony plugin active, you should also mute that channel in the mixer, as well as bypassing the plugin. Because really, why would you want the dry signal from that channel/branch anyway?

I came across this when using multiple delay and reverb plugins in parallel, then combining them in a mixer block.

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That’s correct. In this way, the Bypass feature is not actually a bypass. It’s a Through with plugin effect turned on or off.

Did you bypass with the GP bypass or did you bypass within the plguin itself?

GP bypass.

I’d like to clarify this for my situation.

I have a plugin for headphone compensation that I would like to use when mixing and developing a song, but I would not use it when rehearsing and performing. The plugin has latency.

If I use Gig Performer to bypass the plugin, is the delay now zero? If so, great! I can just bypass it, except during song development. On the other hand, if it introduces latency even when bypassed, I would not just bypass it, but I would also use a mixer and mutes to remove it from my chain.

I’m assuming that a bypassed plugin (using GP bypass) introduces zero latency, no matter how sluggish the plugin, correct?

What plug-in are you using?

I had been using Waves CLA Nx, but it’s been problematic for me. I always launches a headtracker companion app, which is annoying, and it regularly crashes Logic. I’m now trying dearVR, which has a 256 sample latency.

My use case is this: I record/program MIDI and audio tracks as an example of the live performance in Logic and play it through Gig Performer. I can then audition sounds, mix, adjust plugins, etc. When doing so, I like to use headphones, but I’m likely to add way too much reverb. By flattening the headphone response and emulating a space, I’m more likely to get something that translates.

When auditioning from Logic’s playback, latency doesn’t matter. When I perform, I want that plugin zeroed out.

To finish up the use case, I can have Logic play a reference track to a different output. I use an RME Babyface with TotalMix FX software, which can take snapshots. I’ve also got the RME ARC controller, which has a wheel for output level and buttons for snapshots. By putting the headphone compensation on both my Gig Performer Main output and Logic’s reference track, I can A/B things with the touch of two buttons on the ARC. I can then bypass headphone compensation, and two other buttons let me A/B the reference and my performance/mix out of the monitors. It’s awesome for song development.

But in the end, I want zero latency added when performing.

I am using Slate VSX which uses 0 latency.
It is pricey but the result is amazing.

Alternative I am using a calibrated headphone from Sonarworks, Sennheiser HD 650 together with
Sonarworks Software.
I also use via their software calibrated Neumann Speaker - nearfield.

They now have a speaker simulation which also is working very fine and again 0 latency.
As a Hardware Solution I am using the headphone Amp from SPL called SPL Phonitor.

I’ll look into Slate VSX.

I’ve just ordered a pair of Sennheiser HD 490 Pros. (I’ve been using Sony 7506s. I used to have Sennheiser HD280 Pros, but they were not robust. The headband mechanism would break. The 490s have a simpler metal band that should last longer.)

Anyway, the 490s come with the dearVR software, so I’ll start with that.

I’ve just answered my own question…

When you bypass a Plugin in Gig Performer with a Widget, the latency is zero.

I was thinking that I didn’t own any extremely long latency plugins, but I have Waves L3-16 Multimaximizer. We’re talking 6,207 samples(!) at 44.1 kHz. I put it in the chain, making live playing really, really uncomfortable. Bypass it, and things return to normal.

This means that I can add my headphone compensation plugin during song development without worries. I just bypass it for practice, rehearsal, and live performances, and all is well. Nice.

What Neumann speaker model are you using??

I am using the old Neumann KH 120