DMX controller as MIDI faderport?

Did anyone ever try to use a DMX-console to control MIDI devices?
I just stumbled upon this little fellow here, which costs $170:
It’s one of the few DMX-controllers that also have a MID out port.
So taking a closer look into the manual…

i noticed that it sends out CC# with its faders and note# with its buttons.
It even has a joystick which (propably) could be assigned to a pair of the fader-channels (not sure if this might work).
But is there any sturdily built (real) MIDI device in that price range?
I really would like to try this, just to see if it worked… :nerd_face:
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yeh! I work with DMX… funny never considered “the other way around”.

Many have… maybe not the low value ones.

Coincidence you ask this, I recently embarked in this “smallest synth ever” inside a DIN plug, that outputs audio (mini-jack) and takes its power from the same DIN plug.
It works! in plenty of situations.

You cannot have both “protocols” working at the same time…buuuu shame…

I use CHAMSYS and the software is free (some parts of functionality is reserved to having hardware connected) (from wings, mini-wings, adapters (small boxes) to big desks…this on my shows; on other Theatres/renting companies I adapt to what’s available.