Distortion/clipping issue with simple midi input setup

Hi everyone,

I am a relatively new user of Gig Performer specifically and I’m having an issue I’m struggling to figure out. As I’m new, I have just experimented with a very very simple setup - keyboard midi input, midi plugin, output.

Single notes are ok but once I start playing multiple notes, say 3 or 4, and at a higher velocity I get a clipping effect which I can see on the main out going into the red. Turning the faders down so the output doesn’t go into the red does not affect the clipping sound so it’s not happening at the output stage.

I have reduced the output volume of the plugin to see if the plugin output was overloading but even at very low levels I get the same clipping effect.

This issue isn’t specific to one plugin - it happens with all plugins of different instruments, so that rules out a specific plugin.

So, now I’m at a loss as it would seem that the midi input (the only piece of the puzzle left) is clipping which, to me, seems bizarre seeing as it’s not an audio input in the first place.

Looking at the midi input as I play, it seems that the issue is when velocity exceeds around 90.

I’m running an Alesis Prestige Artist into my machine through USB midi

Can anyone shed any light on this issue?

Thanks in advance.

What machine?
Which OS?
What audio interface?
How did you connect your audio?
Do you use a dedicated ASIO driver?
What sample rate?
What buffer size?

Please give us more information:
How to report issues and ask properly for help? - General discussion about Gig Performer - Gig Performer Community

Make screenshots (specifically from the midi ports & audio I/O tab) and maybe from your wiring view.
There are way too many possible causes for your issues, but we won’t know them, if you don’t tell us.

MIDI Ports (gigperformer.com)

Audio I/O (gigperformer.com)


Thanks schamass

Machine: HP Omen i7-7700HQ, 16GB ram
OS: Windows 10
Audio interface - I believed I had ruled it out so didn’t include it but it’s the M-Audio M-Track Duo
How did I connect my audio: Output from audio interface to mixing desk
ASIO: ASIO using ASIO 4 all V2 or the M-AUDIO ASIO driver. It happens on both and also happens on windows sound not using ASIO.
Sample rate: 48000
Buffer size: This problem doesn’t change when I change the buffer size even to the highest. It is unaffected by buffer size.

Screenshots inbound in the next post

That’s hell of a buffer. :slight_smile:

Can you please try with 44.1 kHz and 256 samples?

And welcome to the community! :beers:

Thanks npudar,

the high buffer rate was just for troubleshooting. 44.1 is not available for the M-AUDIO. Changing the sample rate, higher or lower doesn’t solve the problem.

Yeah… welcome to the community. Sorry, i didn’t want to be rude by not welcoming you in the first step.
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Strange thing…
When you say

what exactly are you talking about? The output meters in the lower right corner of the GP window?

Generally i would rather use the maker’s ASIO driver than the ASIO4ALL (that’s IMHO only a stopgap solution if there is no native driver available).
I saw there is a video on M-Audio’s support site which is also about trouble shooting distortion and crackle effects… maybe that could be helpful (if you haven’t already watched it):
M-Audio | Troubleshooting Distortion, Clicks & Pops With Your Audio Interface : M-Audio

Thank you. I have everything in that video covered. Additionally I have removed ASIO 4 all and am using the manufacturer’s ASIO now. The main output I referred to was the bottom right hand corner, yes, but that was ruled out anyway as the source of the clipping.

One other thing I have notiiced is that the clipping more easily occurs in the higher notes. For example, on an 88 key keyboard, playing the Dm chord, the top three distort when applying maximum velocity whereas the others do not

If you insert a gain block between the plugin and the audio out block, do the meters of that gain block also show the clipping?

What plugin? Have you considered the possibility that it is just that plugin that is sending out audio that is too loud? What happens with other plugins?

Yes, that seems to be the case.

How do you monitor your audio out ? Studio monitor or headphones ? Could it not simply be that your audio interface audio level is too high ?

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