Displaying min and max note

I’m not sure if this is looking for a suggestion or a feature request.

After using GP for a few weeks, one thing that seems to be missing is a good way of seeing (and maybe setting, although I think that’s probably not important to me now) min and max notes. I saw how Brett used knobs to display this in his worship video and at the resolution of the knob, I think this is great for seeing something large - in his case whether or not a particular sound extends to the bass keys or not. But it doesn’t give enough resolution to easily see where the cutoff point is. Just for purposes of seeing where splits are, I’ve mapped the min and max note to text labels on the panel (which I know you could also get with the knob), but imo these are not easy to see at a glance.

I guess the most visual would be a keyboard-looking widget where you could display a split or layer point.

Am I missing another good way or doing this?
Would adding such a widget be possible?

Yes, a keyboard widget view is on our list although we cannot say when it might be available