Displaying all Song Parts on KeyLab Essential 88 mk3


With the larger screen available on the KeyLab Essential 88 mk3, does anyone know if it might be possible to display each of the current song’s Song Parts on the Arturia’s display, with the active one highlighted? I think it’s possible to display the active one, but wondered if the non-active ones could be displayed at the same time. That way, I can close the lid on my laptop.


If you have found a GP Script that sends text to the KeyLab screen, then it will be possible to send the list of song part names. An extension shouldn’t be needed.

For example, this is done using GP Script. The code that generates the song part list could be used for what gets sent out to the KeyLab. This may involve sysex messages, not sure (don’t own one).

Song Part List

Thank you rank13, I think that would do the trick. Really like the efficiency of just capitalising to indicate focus. Will give that a go over the weekend :+1:

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