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Good morning all

I just started working on OSC with TouchOSC. I am working with TouchOSC Editor to slightly change the look. I would like my ipad to display both the name of the song in an insert and the name of the rack in a second insert.

I only want to use the iPad as a reading monitor. A bit like this:
The code “/ RackspaceName” gives very good information on the variation used in the rack, but I cannot find the coding to fill in for the name of the song to be displayed.

Have you ever tried this type of approach?

Thank you


A few links for you… :wink:



It works. Thank you so much !

If you share what you did, others will benefit :wink:


Hi @benoit!

I have the same problem. What exactly was your solution?

The OSC tag is /CurrentSongName and GP will send it automatically on entering setlist mode or changing songs.

Thanks, but I still don’t get it. I’m able to create a text label in a rackspace panel, and have the caption sent to TouchOSC, so I know the connection is working. However, simply naming a TouchOSC label /CurrentSongName doesn’t work.

Can you spot any errors in my TouchOSC settings?

Sorry, I don’t use TouchOSC.

A little further up in this thread David-san posted a link to a TouchOSC template that might help: https://gigperformer.com/downloads/osctemplates/GP-iPhone.touchosc

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Thanks anyway! I really appreciate the quick response.

Yes, I have already checked out the template. It was very useful, but not in this specific case unfortunately. The /RackspaceName tag works flawlessly, but the /CurrentSongName yields no result.

Seems to me you need to reach out to the TouchOSC folks for this one. I’ve confirmed that Gig Performer 3 sends out that message (see attached image where I used OSCShark to look at what was coming from Gig Performer) when I select a song


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I don’t have any other ideas for why it’s not working, but maybe a couple suggestions for trouble shooting:

  1. start with the existing template linked above, which multiple people found to be working
  2. copy and paste the Rackspace Name widget and just change the OSC field to /CurrentSongName
  3. if that still doesn’t work, try /NextSongName and /PrevSongName and see if that gives you anything
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Good idea! I’ll look into it.

Yesterday one song name suddenly appeared in TouchOSC, but I couldn’t repeat the success.

Thanks! That’s very helpful.

As I mentioned for Vindes right now, one song name suddenly appeared on the TouchOSC display yesterday. So I believe you’re right about this being an issue with the TouchOSC app. My iPad is 1st gen, maybe that also comes into play here.

PS: Really looking forward to the GP4 release! Can’t wait!


The trick is to not include any special characters. Or at least not Æ, Ø, Å, frequently used in Norwegian – which is my language.

This is true also for the songs parts. So if a song part contains Æ, Ø or Å, the song title won’t show, even if it does not contain those letters.


Glad you figured that out! I have an iPad 2 with TouchOSC and was about to reply that it works correctly for me. It’s nice to still be able to use these old iPads!

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Thanks! I agree!

Is there a way to get the current song part name as well? Or a way to insert the current index into /SongPart0Name?

Not that I’m aware of. There will hopefully be additional OSC commands part of GP4.


When you switch to a part, the following info gets sent out - with Lemur you can create scripts that can respond to these, capture all the song part names and then detect the /SelectSongPart index

I don’t think TouchOSC is sufficiently powerful to do this unfortunately. This has not changed for GP4

[8001] /TunerView/SetValue ,f 0
[8001] /SelectSongPart ,i 1
[8001] /RackspaceName ,s Rackspace : Default
[8001] /RackspaceName ,s Rackspace : Default
[8001] /CurrentSongName ,s A
[8001] /CurrentSongIndex ,i 0
[8001] /SongPartsStart ,
[8001] /SongPart0Name ,s Part 1
[8001] /SongPart1Name ,s Part2
[8001] /SongPartsEnd ,
[8001] /SelectSongPart ,i 1
[8001] /NextSongName ,s
[8001] /PrevSongName ,s

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