Display the note name instead of a number

If a particular plugin parameter’s value goes between 0-127, you can customize the widget’s caption and enter [notename] so that the displayed number will be automatically converted to the corresponding note name, e.g. 127 corresponds to G8.



Might be nice to extend this so the array of names can be defined in script?

E.g. something along the lines of

Set the caption to [SceneName]

In Script define the array of names

Var SceneName : array string =[“Intro”,“Verse”,“Encore” etc]

Or perhaps better, have another reserved caption name of [UserList] and provide a way to define the array of strings in the edit page of the control (but also have this property accessible by script)

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My notename changes back to c-2 2 seconds after I rotate the knob. How can I force it to always display the selected note instead?