Display Song Key

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know if there is an OSC command to display the Song Key from a Song in my Setlist?

I am able to display the Song Name, Rack Name and BPM but not the Song Key

I tried the below entries but none of them displayed the key of the song.


Good idea, I just searched for a GP script function to get the song key - did not find it.

Yeah I searched the help documents as well. An alternative would be to program my song names to include the Key but it would be great to not have to do that!

I contacted support and this feature is not available at this time however they are going to add it as an idea for a future update :slight_smile:

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So for the some future version (I can’t say when at this time), we will have the following/
The second message contains the artist, the key, transpose, BPM and the time signature (numerator and denominator). Does that work for you? (and anyone else who needs this?)

[8000] /CurrentSongName ,s Changing State
[8000] /CurrentSongInfo ,ssifii ELP C Major 4 120 4 4


I am not really an expert on OSC commands.

Unless there is some way to parse that message, it would be most useful to be able to display things separately xo I can design my own OSC User Interface that displays the items I want. For example, I only want Key and BPM displayed on my OSC page… no need for transpose or the time signature.

Any tool that can receive an OSC message should be able to extract the individual arguments

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