Digital Performer OSX clock to GigPerformer

Hi guyz)
Is there a way to send midi clock from DAW (Digital Performer for the case) to GP? I run pluggins with Arpeggiators and need to sync to DAW clock. Thought it was via IAC Driver (from Midi Set Up) but cannot make it work.

Please help…

What is your version of Gig Performer?
Are you on a trial?


To receive midi clock you need to use Rig Manager and assign an alias to the IAC port, and in the right click menu you can enable midi clock. After that, the rackspace properties has an option to sync to external clock.

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Gig Performer v4.5 Plugin Alliance?
Or Deskew Gig Performer 4.7 or 4.8? (Or Trial?)

The procedure slightly differs between v4.5 and later.

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Thank you! I’ll try that…

Gig Performer v4.0.51 Plugin Alliance

Can you please explain bit more or send me some link. Didn’t manage to make it work.

To receive MIDI clock in v4.0, you don’t need to use Rig Manager. Just double click on a rackspace and in the Rackspace Properties window enable the option to sync to external clock.