Diatonic Shifter 2 Excellent for Harmonizer

I agree – but as I mentioned earlier, I found that Pitchometry worked fine for me without noticeable delay.

It’s odd. When I demo’d Pitchometry, I didn’t notice significant latency. I bought it. Today, I see that it has 1780 samples of latency. I’m not sure if I just wasn’t paying attention over the weekend or if something changed. I tried various settings, but it’s still long.

I went back to Waves Vocal Bender. It’s a simple, one voice pitch shifter, but it has a nice vibe and zero latency. Pitchometry is almost too clean for my application, which is to add an octave down for playing tenor/baritone sax parts. No, it doesn’t sound like a sax at all, but it’s clearly another voice. I’d rather play a unique effect than a bad, almost-solo-sax sound. Avoid the uncanny valley. (I’ve got Sample Modeling French Horns and a Tec Breath Controller. That works surprisingly. But a solo tenor sax is another thing altogether.)

I’m just curious, since the website itself officially starting 46ms latency, are you getting (much) less than that?

The website and GP state 46ms, but in reality the audio is near synchronous, far faster than Pitchometry.

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