Devicemeister Stepic with GP

Hi! Anyone tried Stepic from Devicemeister with GP? It says on their website that it works with GP, but I just can’t get it to work. Set it up as a plugin block between my MIDI input keyboard and Kontakt. Did the same with Xfer Chtulhu, and it worked fine, but this one doesn’t work the same way, apparently.

What says the Stepic plugin doc about the way to use it? No reason it should’nt work with GP as both VST3 and AU are provided. Are you on Mac? No Intel/M1 compatibility issue? What exactly doesn’t work?

On a Mac, yes. Will look into the M1 possibility. It just doesn’t respond, so I’d like to take a look “under the hood”, but I don’t quite know how to start, as the manual shows a wide array of setups for various DAWs, but none that go well with the block setup of GP, so I wanted to know if anyone had set it up.

…to what?

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Appears to receive no Midi signal from my keyboard when I set it up as a block between my keyboard and Kontakt.

It’s got a cool interface, but it’s sort of hard to read from it if it receives any signal or not.

I’ll throw out some obvious things, because I have missed them all at some point. So, these are some things would look into:

Midi channel input block? Omni or the same as Kontakt.

Midi channel of the devicemeister. Same channel?

Midi channel of Kontakt. Kontak notoriously inserts a channel on its its own and changes them if you add
other instruments (I think). Check that Kontakt is in omni (or same as Devicemeister).

Is there any midi going through (check midi monitor).

If there audio coming out of Konakt? Try Kontakt alone.

So put a MIDI monitor between your MIDI in port and this plugin and another one in front of the instrument plugin and check what is displayed…