Detecting mouse clicks

Is there a widget callback for when the user clicks on a text label widget or a shape widget?

Unfortunately, no.

You can position a button widget behind the text label, and that will respond to a click.

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Ah, clever. Or similarly I could use an invisible button?

Would this work for you (see “Erik’s tricks”): [Gig] 8X Soundboard

I don’t think so, but you can test it and let us know… :wink:

I tried that too, but it seems that invisible buttons won’t react to mouse clicks anymore, while buttons which are overlapped by other elements do.

Which is a good thing.


General question, what is the benefit of such clicks?

Cannot answer for @Solomon, but on some crowded panels (like mixer panels), I would appreciate to be able to use TextLabels to “select” things. Also TextLabels and Shapes Widgets are the only widget that are (almost) freely resizables in height and width, which makes them convenient to fill free spaces in crowded panels. And it would allow me to build a touch screen playable illuminated keyboard :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ah yes, I can imagine situations where this would be a good thing.

Yes, @David-san is on the same page as me on this question. My current use case is that I want to use text labels both to display and to set the bottom and top note values of a keyboard zone: click on the label to put it in “learn” mode, then play the note on the controller. And yes, in the absence of a built-in keyboard widget, I’d like to be able to construct a playable keyboard out of shape widgets.

Thanks everybody. I’m leaning fast and I appreciate all the help!

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