Design global rackspaces

After several advices from developers and experienced users and the growth of my global rackspace to over 3,200 lines and far from finished, I will do a serious attempt to convert my script into a C++ extension.

Since in weekends I’m not having access to Gig Performer, I searched for an app to make a decent diagram how to make the architecture and I found a nice one, Draw Express Lite.

With that app, I think the design below is an incomplete but nice starting point.

Looks interesting.
What do you want to achieve?

Thank you.

What I want to achieve is this and what I came up with after I created that article.

Version 2 … since the first app was only working on my phone (as I was not with my desktop for some time), I decided to use an online tool (Visual Paradigm) and the new version is shown below … I also implemented most of it (using just a few widgets and one plugin as proof of concept), and on my desktop (with almost empty stubs) it works.

That’s also the reason I am a bit quiet on the forum, as I want to be focused on this for the limited free time I have, and a gig coming up (first with GP).

For software engineers: I’m now using the MVC pattern using observers to notify the widgets and plugins. This way it will be later much more easy to maintain new functionality and split functionality among classes.