Delusional processor consumption with MusicLab plugins

I have been testing Gig Performer 3.7.0 for several days and plan to buy it for Live use.
I did not notice any problem except for plugins from MusicLab (RealStreet and RealLPC).
I am equipped with an i9 9900K, 64GB RAM and the processor displays 100% when I play with these plugins.
How is it possible ?


We don’t know! Something that they’re doing somehow screws up the measurement of cycles used for audio and since we can’t debug with their plugins loaded, we haven’t been able to look at it.
The good news is that those plugins work fine. Quite a few people use them with GP.

Does this also happen If you start with a new gig file and ONLY add one of those plugins?

Yes, new GIG file or new rackspace, same processor problem.
100% when i play keyboard. In real life, task manager show me 5% and the plugin works very well.
If I stop and don’t play, Gig Performer show 1%.

This processor problem is only on WIndows, with a mac-mini 2018 (i7 3.2Ghz), plugin works also and the processor in GP indicate 5, 6%.

Very very curious, but I think as it is not a showstoppper, that you will perhaps have to live with this :grimacing: The wonderful world of heterogeneous plugins… :wink:

I’ve been using MusicLab Real Guitars for quite a while now. I noticed also that they hit 100% instantly and stay there. However, nothing seems to go wrong and the guitars perform well. I did ask on this forum about a year ago about this very same problem, but I just forget about it and carry on.

Real Guitars were causing GP to crash for me in a major way for a while, and on the recommendations from the developers of GP, I contacted MusicLab. They discovered some (in their words) very nasty bugs. I became a tester for a series of upgrades and after three or four revisions, they issued me with updated versions that have been very stable since. If you experience crashing of GP, check the crash logs and see if RG is the culprit. BTW - I have every single RG and use them all live with a Guitar Hero wireless controller. The GH controller is my main midi controller along with an iPad running OnSong.

Hmm, if they responded to you before, it might be worth your while to report this problem to them as well, maybe they could fix it.

I did ask ML at the time, but can’t remember the answer. I’ve put out another query to them asking for another explanation.

Sorry for bumping the topic, but perhaps you have got an answer for the “musiclan Guitar Problem”.

I’ve been searching for a guitar plugin to play with a midi keyboard and so I have downloaded the trial version of MusicLab Real Guitars. I use RealLPC with my Windows PC and I noticed also that the guitar hit 100% CPU instantly and stays there . At first nothing seems to go wrong and the guitar performs, but when I play a backing track with the Audio File Player I hear a few cracks and dropouts. If I use a Synth guitar from the Korg M1 Plugin or the Surge Plugin, I have no problem.

Or is there meanwhile a better Plugin for Keyboardplayers to simulate an Electric Guitar?

I am using Evolution Stratosphere and Evolution Infinity.
Both are Sample Libraries for Kontakt.

Another option could be Strum-GS2 from AAS

Evolution Stratosphere sounds good in demos and on YouTube. But it is unfortunately much more expensive than MusicLab Real Guitar.

But what helps the cheapest when it is unplayable :wink:

Yep - we have reported this to MusicLabs several times but the issue doesn’t seem to be getting addressed by them. No idea what they’re doing that would cause this, but it’s not a GP issue.

Thank you, it’s a pity.

So I have bought “Evolution Stratosphere”, after a long fight with Kontakt and a corrupted Gig file it now works as it should,

Just another plug for Real Guitar. I’ve been using it with the 100% issue for a while now and it always plays faultlessly. I don’t get the pops and crackles mentioned, possibly because my audio device is a RME Babyface Pro (as recommended by many others on this forum)

Here is the original reply from Music lab:
“There is something wrong with Gig Performer’s CPU meter. I’ve tested Real instruments VST3 on Windows 10 1803, Gig Performer 2.6.2 and found that Gig Performer’s CPU meter always show 100% while playing Real instruments. At the same time Windows’s Task Manager shows 10-12% CPU usage which is correct.”

Seems like a digital version of ping pong to me!

Yeah, we’ve gone around and around with musiclab on this one. I use their plugins myself, they’re awesome but we have no idea why the cpu is wrong

I am using the VST2 versions of RealLPC, RealGuitar and RealStrat with Win10pro and GP without those problems.

That’s interesting. I’ll try it.