Delay the sending of widget parameter value

I have a widget mapped to a plugin parameter (automation). In different variations, the widget is set to different values.
Is it possible to delay the sending of these parameter values slightly (200ms?)? Alternatively to have it change over a period of time (few hundred ms) as opposed to instantly? So basically rotate the knob somewhat slowly? I saw there was talk about this “ramp” feature being implemented but I do not believe it has been yet.

In my case the ramp would just be a workaround, I don’t really need a ramp, but a slight delay. Reason being is a scene change occurs (in the plugin) at the variation change and that needs to complete before the parameter value is received. I know how to delay CC and PC but not a direct plugin parameter. Thanks!

How do you change the plugiin scene in the variataion?

CC message sent from either script, or another widget… Bit either way it’s the same CC

Are you talking about Helix Native and mixing the inbuilt snapshots (or GP Presets) with additional widgets/parameters?

It’s bias fx2, but similar scenario. There are only 4 scenes allowed max and I’m all used up, so I need to make some additional parameter changes via variation, but the scene change takes longer than the automation parameter.

You can’t delay the standard widget/parameter change for a variation. So anything will be a workaround. Can the additional parameters also be changed via CC to the plugin?

Yes. I was trying to avoid that due to the possible lack of syncing. It’s the unfortunate case of cc value 0 or 127 (or anything in between) means the same thing in bias. So sometimes when one needs to turn things off and it’s already off, it’ll turn on from (from even a zero value). But perhaps if there is no controller involved (and there won’t be here, only the variation/widget change) maybe it’ll be ok…?

If you’re only changing the parameter via variations, then you should know the state of the parameter shouldn’t you? e.g. shouldn’t be an issue sending CC’s.

I’m thinking CC’s because there’s a handy ‘SendLater’ function to send a midi message after the specified number of ms.

Thinking of loud…What about on variation change, send out a CC internally, which would be delayed and that would be the trigger (midi learn?) for the widget to send the parameter? What would that look like?

  • Are you triggering the scene changes via variations?
  • Why do the variations to change additional parameters also trigger a scene change?
  • Are the parameters in Bias also available as standard automation parameters?


when you’re already in the scene where the additional parameter change needs to occur, then variation change does not trigger a scene change (and the parameter change works fine). However if you’re in a different scene and you want to switch to another scene and change a parameter in that scene at the same time, then that parameter change will be ignored because the scene change takes too long.

Yes. That’s exactly what I was trying to do. The parameter the widget was changing, was an automation parameter.

This is an example using widgets connected to automation parameters.
You have to define the widget values per variation in the script. The widgets are set to ignore variations in order to prevent them being changed immediately by GP.

Delay Widget Activation.gig (61.8 KB)


Going to sleep now (3 am almost). Looking forward to checking it out in the morning. Thanks!

Brilliant! That works perfectly! Thanks @rank13 ! You asked specifically about automation parameter and said “this is an example of widgets connected to automation parameters”, but really, this would work with whatever the widget is mapped to right? The widget “movement” itself is being delayed.

Glad it worked. Yes, it’s just delaying the change/switching of the widget.