Decent Sampler questions

Hi, I have followed the video I’m linking here to use GP4’s auto-sampling feature to import a patch from my trusty Kronos. It worked great, except that after running the auto-sampler, my output doesn’t look the way it does at 3:45 in the video. Specifically, in my output folder that I specified in the Auto Sample Generator block, I am now seeing a bunch of individual .wav files, one for each note and each velocity sampled, instead of the DecentSampler preset file (.dspreset) that the host of the video, Marty Wade, has, which he can then just bring in to Wiring as a patch through the Decent Sampler plug-in block.

I imagine this is at least in part because I didn’t actually install DecentSampler until after I had run the generator. (Duh.) Questions - 1) is this the only thing I missed? If I re-run it now that I have DS installed, will I get the preset file? And 2) short of running the auto-sampler generation again, is there a way I can convert these .wav files as a group into a DS preset after the fact?

Thank you!

We changed things a bit after that video was released.

The correct procedure is documented in our user guide

As it happens, there is now — a few weeks ago we released a free tool that just creates the DS preset from the contents of a folder. It might do the job for you.


Thanks for the response! I’m all straightened out now, love these features.

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