Db-33 not loaded

Is anyone successfully using Air Music’s DP-33 plug-in (virtual B3) in GP4? I bought and installed it today, but (after restating GP), it does not show up as an available plug-in. I see why: the vst shows up in the Plug-In Manager window as “Failed.” Double-clicking on this entry in the Failed list, I get the message “Gig Performer cannot load an invalidated plugin. Please check with the manufacturer for an updated version.” I chose Locate Plug-in and the .vst file is dated 10/26/2015 which does seem to be out of date. Does anybody know how to do about resolving this? How exactly to connect the manufacturer or update to the latest version, or if that is the right approach to solve? Thank you.

Are you sure that this plugin is 64 bit?

I am not, and did suspect that that might be my issue. There was nothing mentioned about that in the site I bought it from. How do I check?

It looks like there are some newer updates.

Thanks. I chatted with tech support and downloaded the 2021 update as seen in your screenshot, but still no luck, same result. Apoarently the vst is not supported in MacOS Sonoma, the OS version I’m using. The list of updates doesn’t make clear whether I might need the second update towards the bottom, I don’t know what VIP1.1 is. I might just be out 17 bucks unless/until they release another update.

I wanted to reply, but in the meantime you said you were on a Mac, whereas I’m on Windows.
As far as Windows is concerned, version 2021 is the same as version 1.2.7 and it works perfectly for me.

VIP is a plugin manager, nothing to do with

You’re not having any problems with the iLok manager?

The first time I loaded DB-33 into GP, I had to fill in the user info and password to activate it.
While I was looking for the information, the window closed and DB-33 failed in the plugin manager.