David Jameson

David Jameson is one of the Gig Performer developers, co-founder of Deskew, LLC, Ph.D. in computer science, and keyboard player in The Security Project, Beyond the Wall, and Reelin’ in the Years).

Here are some photos of David using Gig Performer in his various bands. The keyboards, one 88-note weighted controller and between (depending on the band) one and three 69-note lightweight controllers. In some back-lined shows, the supplied controllers are sometimes actually synths but in such cases they are used only for MIDI control.


This is the most recent photo with Reelin’ In the Years, first post-COVID show:

See here his live performance with Beyond the Wall. Gig Performer 4 was first used live in this gig (while still in the beta phase! :slight_smile: )

Further reading:


Peg - Reelin’ in the Years (Live at Bearsville Theater) (August, 12, 2021)


I love Steely Dan, and this cover is at the top. I love all the small details like the subtile and very good sounding back vocals :+1: I think I know the guy playing keyboards… :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

An interesting interview :slight_smile:

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One with Jerry singing.


Learn about David’s live keyboard rig in this blog article: Gig Performer | My live keyboard rig

Check out also this video:


I thought it might be cool to share here this info from Facebook:


One of David’s bands Reelin’ In The Years did a Steely Dan show last night in Greensburg, PA. About 5,500 people showed up.

They wouldn’t let us go. After multiple encores, we ended up playing FM which then turned into a 1/2 hour jam that included 10 minutes of noodling around the Pink Panther theme (thanks to the local horn section we had) — quite a scene


Don’t exaggerate. It was only 5,200 people :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It seems that David is having a good time! :slight_smile: This is from October 6th, 2022 at ProgStock Festival.

To see more photos of Reelin’ In The Years, check out their Facebook page.


David’s setup for the recent Reelin’ in the Years show at the Strand. I believe that this is the first time David is using Mobile Sheets. :slight_smile:


Second time actually. Used it a week earlier at Daryls House


Hello @dhj, are you still using the Studiologic SL88 Studio as your 88-key controller? If not, what are you using nowadays?

Yep, it’s still my main controller. Hate the joysticks though.

I did buy a a backup “all in one” keyboard recently (Yamaha CK88) both to have a spare controller and just in case something happens like some schmuck dropping my laptop during setup)

It actually has a nice feel and I would have considered using it instead of the SL88, even just as a controller except it requires separate power via a wall wart and I don’t want to have to deal with that.


Awesome, thanks @dhj for the quick reply. They are reasonably priced as well!

To update the thread a little bit :slight_smile:


Hi-I’m new to GP so pardon the resurrection of this thread. David-great stuff here tech and playing wise. I’m intrigued by the 2 finger sequence triggering bit. Is there some sort of tutorial around about how that is done?

This video was linked in the GP online documentation:

Thank you! I’m trying to make my way through info and learn my way aroound, but it’s a lot at the moment. I appreciate the link.

This was originally done with GPScript, the programming language built into GP.
However, as of GP 4.7, this can be done using some new parameters built into the MIDI file player.