Dante and Multiple instances of GP

I spent a while creating a reasonably complex setup in GP that I used multiple instances to spread load. I created it at home with my UAD Apollo (as I couldn’t use Dante Virtual controller off line) with the intention of swapping the interface over. When time came to put DVS on the network and hook all 4 instances to GP, it only allowed the master instance to use Dante. Every new instance came up with an error saying the DVS was being used by something else. When I used the UAD it was available in all instances. Any Ideas?

Multi client Asio is necessary.


Hello Tim, welcome here!
Ask to Audinate to check if DVS asio driver is multi-client or not.

I am very interested of a feedback regarding this DVS.

My first post!!! Just tried two instances using RME Digiface, I realize its not DVS but it is DANTE and does work here, both even assigned to same two outputs.

@pdenenberg welcome to the GP community. It doesn’t surprise me that the RME drivers of their Dante cards are multiclient. It’s kind of their trademark, but anyway, thanks for this feedback.

For what it’s worth, DVS is single-client on Microsoft. So, too is the Focusrite PCIeR card.

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Thanks for reporting. I add it to the black list.
Useful when people ask me some advises for choosing an audio interface.

Yes, I emailed Audinate to ask about this and the reply suggested that they have no intention of making it multi client, which for the price, is understandable I guess. Perhaps they can make a multi client version of it at a higher price point?