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Does anyone know of a plugin that is similar to the old Crossover plugin? The great thing about it was that it had 4 stereo out pairs, one for each frequency band. Most of the other crossover-type plugins I’ve seen only have one stereo pair. Sadly, this particular plugin never made it out of 32bit, so I have to bridge it in order for it to work. I’d rather just find an updated plugin that does the same thing.

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I would be curious to have an audio sample of what you do with this. Probably very interesting…

Build a custom MultiBand effect chain
On Bass a compressor, on the midi a chorus and win the highs a delay


I found this list as alternatives, but I didn’t try these.


I did some searching and found a few plugins that might be candidates for your purposes…

Dub-SPL4 Is A FREE 4-Band Splitter Plugin By Sound Fingers - Bedroom Producers Blog

Download Free Monitoring tool plugin: Isol8 by TBProAudio (

Effect Grid plug-in: Split audio into 9 frequency ranges to process independently -

Gaffel - Synced Band Splitter (

Blue Cat’s MB-7 Mixer - Multi Band Mixing Plug-in and VST/VST3/AU Host (

DMG Audio : Products : Multiplicity
(might be overkill :grimacing:)


SigMod by Nugen Audio would be a good fit for this, specifically its Crossover module, but it also splits audio in other ways, like Mid-Side etc…


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Thanks for your suggestions!
The BlueCat and MeldaProduction plugins were the first things I looked at before posting this thread. Alas, none of them have more than one stereo out pair.
Most of the others listed were the same way.
The one that ended up with enough of what I need is the IsoI8 from TBProAudio. It has 4 adjustable frequency bands which can each be assigned to its own stereo out pair.


I run a signal out of my acoustic guitar into Waves LoAir. My drums run through a different set of speakers/subwoofer than my main guitar/vocal signals, but I wanted the low frequency signal coming from LoAir to route to the subwoofer for the drums. That has to happen at the end of a chain from GP to Reaper back to GP. I’ll probably find some other uses for the frequency splitting also.

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One in the list, HoRNet is interesting. The VST3 doesn’t provide multiple outputs, but the VST version does provide multiple outputs.

I chatted with @rank13 once about this:

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