Cross Platform Compatibility?


What’s the best way to allow cross platform compatibility between Mac and Windows?
If I load Lounge Lizard EP-4 in a MacOS GIG, then open it in Windows GP, it shows…


I must right click / Replace Plug in.


Will I lose my customizations in that plugin?


Normally the plugin state is stored within the gig.
So you should not loose any customizations.


I’ll need to experiment with this. Mostly you would “Replace” with a different plugin so the patch settings would not be needed. Possible it initializes and does carry over to the replaced plug it. ( just thinking … )


When you replace a plugin then the new state is saved in the gig.

Just a tipp:
Save presets within you plugin.
When you have to replace (like you have shown), then you can select your preset from within
the preset management of you plugin.

I always save presets within the plugins - it is just a backup when something happens :wink:


Did you use the AU version on your Mac?

If you’re going to do cross-platform stuff, you should always use VST plugins


I never use AU, just for this reason. And both are 64 bit environments.


PLUGIN name=“TruePianos” format=“VST” category=“Synth” manufacturer=“4Front”
version=“” file="/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST/TruePianos.vst"
uid=“34465450” isInstrument=“1” fileTime=“163ccbf8e80” infoUpdateTime=“167b73a7692”
numInputs=“0” numOutputs=“2” isShell=“0” isEnabled=“1” useDelayedLoading=“0”

Windows GIG
PLUGIN name=“TruePianos x64” descriptiveName=“TruePianos” format=“VST”
category=“Synth” manufacturer=“4Front” version=“” file=“D:\Applications\VST\TruePianos x64.dll”
uid=“34465450” isInstrument=“1” fileTime=“1601dea2b70” infoUpdateTime=“167bc4d7d0c”
numInputs=“0” numOutputs=“2” isShell=“0” isEnabled=“1” useDelayedLoading=“0”


Looks more like an issue with the Naming Conventions used by the Plugin Designers. Not an issue with GigPerformer.


Sigh — yeah, you should beat up the plugin developer.

It would be nice to have a mapping for such things but I’m not sure how it could be maintained


Ha… I just sent a different developer an email to point out their internal naming on the outputs.
TP12 TP23
Look at the output names? :rofl:


Do they still exist?
Since years no progess…


That’s a shame too. Nice light weight, low cpu piano. I use Ivory II or Korg Kronos for song creation, but I load up TruePianos if I need a quick one hosted live.


Yes, but the Atlantis (which sounds best) is not really light on CPU.
I prefer Pianoteq 6


Yep, Pianoteq - since 6.1 -amazing


They quickly responded to my email. But they pointed the finger at GigPerformer which is NOT Correct. Each plugin has their own naming convention for their inputs and outputs.

I don’t have the option to try TruePianos within GigPerformer at the moment as I’m not in the office. However, TruePianos as a plugin never defines/determines which outputs are used. This is dealt with by the host environment/DAW software, in your case GigPerformer. Because if of this a solution to unexpected behaviour should be looked for in the DAW software itself.


What they said is mostly correct actually. What they are talking about is the BUS LAYOUT which you can access in GP by right clicking the plugin and selecting the option, then, if the plugin allows it, change the layout options. The options available are dictated by the plugin itself so that part would be plugin’s responsibility.

None of it explains the wrong channel names you discovered which is obviously an error within the plugin itself as we have no control over it.


They replied with this:

My apologies for the incorrect answer in this case.While I’m one of the developers (modules and part of the GUI), the coding of the engine was done by another person and I’m not seen those names in a long long time. I just remembered. In the early development days we had multiple additional outputs for debugging with some having additional/different processing applied over the sound compared to others. I guess that this is a leftover from that and that the in-between option was removed in this case. I’ll put it on the list of suggestions of things to change/fix for the next build of the plugin.


Ahh… that does make more sense :slight_smile: