Creating Samples of CV-Input Hardware

Auto Sampler Generator and Auto Sampler Recorder are fantastic. Thanks to Marty Wade’s videos, it was easy to get started. I’ve been able to successfully sample some resource intensive rackspaces that were pushing up into 60% CPU utilization. Very happy with that.

One thing Marty demonstrated was how easy it is to use Generator and Recorder to sample MIDI-connected hardware. I wanted to take Marty’s example a step farther and use Generator and Recorder to create samples from hardware that only has CV inputs.

Spoiler - This is also incredibly simple with Gig Performer using a keyboard or MIDI controller that does MIDI-to-CV conversion.

In this example, I’m using the Behringer Odyssey and the Moog Mavis. The goal is to get a sample set out of the Mavis from C2 to C5. The Moog Mavis is a powerful sounding little synth with the serious limitation of a one octave mini-button keybard and no MIDI input. Here I’ll use the Odyssey which has MIDI In and provides a CV and Gate output to convert the the MIDI notes from Auto Sampler Generator into CV/Gate for the Mavis.

The rundown

I - The Auto Sampler Generator is connected to a MIDI Out block that connects via USB to the Behringer Odyssey.

The CV and Gate outputs from the Odyssey are connected to the CV and Gate inputs on the Moog Mavis.

This can be done with any keyboard, controller, or MIDI/CV converter that has a MIDI input and provides conversion to CV/Gate outputs.

II - The output of the Moog Mavis is connected to the USB Audio Interface and the signal is routed in Gig Performer into the Auto Sample Recorder.

Note: I have chosen to place a Gain and Balance before the Auto Sampler Recorder and another acting as a Master Fader before the Audio Out. This is just my preference and is completely optional.

III - The Auto Sampler Generator will send the specified MIDI notes to the Odyssey which in turn will convert the MIDI notes into CV/Gate, and send it out to the Mavis.

IV - As the Auto Sampler Generator runs through the specified notes, the sound will be sent through the audio interface and recorded by the Auto Sample Recorder.

V - The resulting samples and the Decent Sampler XML file will be saved in the selected output folder.

VI - This sample can now be loaded into Decent Sampler and played with your prefered MIDI keyboard or controller.

An easy setup and a convenient way to create Decent Sampler patches from CV-based hardware.

Thanks to the GP team for making this feature available in the update, and thanks again to Marty for his videos.


Yeah, that’s the key - as long as you have a way to do that conversion, you’re gold.

Also, if you want to sample from a Eurorack system, Expert Sleepers has a nice module to do this, e.g. Expert Sleepers - FH-2 'factotum'

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That is a nice module! I have a simple Cre8audio Nifty Case right now. It provides MIDI-to-CV for two CV outs and two gates. The Expert Sleepers module you shared looks perfect for the bigger case I’m hoping to build this summer. Thanks for the tip.