Creating preset buttons

Hey! I wanna make a virtual pedalboard by using different vst plugins for guitar and i came up with the idea of preset buttons. Let’s say like 4 different presets. I am able to create 4 buttons and stuff i need behind them, but is it possible to make it work like when i press preset 1 it will automatically bypass 2-4. And when i press preset 2 it will bypass 1, 3 and 4? I haven’t find any solutions yet so any ideas how to make it work. Now i have to bypass active preset manually and then activate another preset.

Search for “radio buttons”. It’ll give you the functionality you’re looking for.

Just to make sure… Sounds like you want to bypass plugins with only one active at a time right? Or are you trying to switch presets in in the same plugin?

Having multiple plugins bypass at once (or any other parameter changes) is the function of Variations in GP. Are you using these?

Why not just switch rackspaces?

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Yes, as @schamass has indicated, what you are describing is the standard approach of building rackspaces (with variations) and then combining them into a song. Your song’s ‘parts’ will then combine whichever combination of rackspace/variations you need.

You can then have a foot controller set up to (for example) always switch between parts 1-5 in each song using buttons 1-5 on your controller. You can even set up pads on the global panel to switch between these as well.

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I have a bunch of plugins in the global RS where I need to bypass multiple plugins, that’s why I was asking for more clarification. The word “presets” is a hot button word b/c people usually use it when they want to change presets. Otherwise, bypassing plugins doesn’t involve “choosing presets” per se. That’s what confused me a little. But yeah, if we’re talking regular rackspace(s) and switching plugins on and off, then indeed, that’s exactly what rackspaces do! LOL

Thank you guys for all of these answers. I’ll check out them later today when I go back to home.

What i ment was like I have only one rackspace where I have 4 different guitar plugins. Now i want to create 4 buttons to choose which plugin I want to use at the time. All 4 plugins are on by default so what I want these buttons to do is setting the plugins bypass when certain button is not pressed. Like i want those plugins to be bypassed by default and when I press 1st button it will activate plugin 1 and keep others bypassed. And when I press button 2 it will activate plugin 2 and bypass 1, 3 and 4, you know what I mean? Sorry my english, i’m from Finland. And the thing is that I’m using GP3 still so I don’t have global RS in use.

You explained perfectly well, no worries! In this case, your best bet is (as @rank13 and @schamass have suggested) to create a different rackspace for each plugin and switch rackspaces instead of creating buttons to bypass. You’ll get other benefits such as nice audio fading and patch persist if using midi.

Here’s one approach. One rackspace with all the pedals in. Widgets controlling bypass. Variations for each different combinations of effect.