Create a note name string from integer


as i read Note names can be used in script,
instead of integer values.

Is it also possible to get the string from an integer

I know Ivould make my own string array,
but maybe it is already available ?



Be careful. Note names in GP Script are NOT strings - they are integers. They’re just a convenience.

Having said that, it’s pretty trivial to write a GP Scripot function that will return a string representation of a MIDI note number. For example

   notesInOctave : string array

function NoteNumberToString(n : integer) returns string
   var octaveNumber : integer
       semitone : integer

   octaveNumber = (n / 12) - 2
   semitone = n % 12
   result = notesInOctave[semitone] + octaveNumber

   // Initialize the names of each notes in an octaive
   notesInOctave = ["C", "C#", "D", "D#", "E", "F", "F#", "G", "G#", "A", "A#", "B"]

Now you can just use the function NoteNumberToString as needed. Note there’s no checking to make sure the incoming value is in fact between 0 and 127 so if you send it a bogus value all bets are off (save your gig!!!)


O.K., I will save my Gig !