cRAyZEeeY SSL Panel

I’ve created a cRAyZEeeY SSL Panel for the Waves SSL G-Channel Plugin.

Here were my goals:

  1. Include lots of details, so I can see the full state.
  2. Make it as narrow as possible, so I can get lots of channels per page.
  3. Open the plugin window to make changes. Aside from a bypass, function, my panel is read-only.
  4. Avoid inadvertent adjustments; hence, the read-only thing.
  5. Store the full state of the plugins in variations and snapshots.
  6. It’s intended for use while developing a mix. It’s not intended to be viewed while performing.

While I used familiar color coding, the layout doesn’t look like the hardware at all. Many will hate the design. After using it for a while, I might hate it too. We will see.

Here is the gig…
cRAyZEeeY_SSL_Panel.gig (2.2 MB)


Thank you for sharing, I missed this thread somehow. :beers:

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